Sending Your First Web Notifications

You will able to create your notification via dashboard. Frontuser offers two different types of notification delivery options. The 2 different types of notification are:

To create new web push notification click on "Notification" link from left navigation, and press "Create Notification" button from listing page. Choose notification type Broadcast or Trigger that suitable for your campaign.

Notification Type

Once you select your preferred notification type you will see an multi-step wizard form for notification.

In multi-step process, Name & Content section contains similar fields for Broadcast & Trigger based notification.

Create New Web Notification


Enter your notification name (assume this as campaign name) to recognize your notification in your dashboard. Here, you can also enable "Sandbox Mode" for this notification.

Notification Name


In this section, you can assign Title, Content, Image URL, Landing URL, and UTM parameters for your notification. Whatever changes you made in this section, you will able to see notification preview in right "Preview" block.

Notification Content


You can defined your targeted audience and sending date time or behaviour according to your notification type. If you choose broadcast based notification then you will able to schedule for specific date time and if your notification is trigger behavioural then you can define trigger rule within this step.


Define your notification targeted audience within your existing segementation list or create new rule to redefine your audience.

Notification Audience


This options is appear only if your notification is broadcast. If you want to send your notification at specific date time or regular basis then these option is suitable for your campaign. Broadcast notification will be send to target audience on schedule datetime.

Notification Broadcast Options

For notification scheduling, Frontuser provide 4 different options:

  • Once, when activated : On selecting this option notification will be send immediate after save the notification.
  • Once, schedule at a specific date and time : This will send notification on selected date time.
  • Recurrently at a specific time : If you choose this option your notification will be send recursively with respect to the defined time slot. You can set Daily, Weekly or Monthly as sending frequency and prefered time for sending.
  • Yes, deliver to each user at a specified time of day in their own local time zone : If you want to send notification on audience local timezone, then choose this option and enter your set sending time.

Above option only appears in Broadcast type notification

Trigger Behavioural

If you want to send notification according to user action like abandoned product/cart page, visit specific product page, etc. create trigger based notification and define your trigger rule. Once rule criteria will match with user actions notification will be trigger.

Notification Trigger Behavior

You can define trigger rule inside Audience rule section, and choose trigger behaviour. There are 2 different types of trigger behaviour they are:

  • Page Load: If select this option notification will be schedule on page load when trigger condition rule is matched.
  • Exit: As alternative to page load this will scheduled notification on page exit when condition rule is matched.

Frontuser allows to cancel scheduled notification on contrast to trigger notification. For e.g if notification is schedule to send after 30 minutes of abandoned cart and customer will visit before that time notification in such case scheduled notification will be destroyed. To do so, create Cancel Trigger rule to prevent sending of all those scheduled notification.

Above option only appears in Trigger based notification

Notification Expiration (Time To Live)

This allows you to specify the amount of time that the push notification service, such as Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) or GCM, has to deliver the message to the endpoint. If for some reason (such as the mobile device has been turned off) the message is not deliverable within the specified TTL, then the message will be dropped and no further attempts to deliver it will be made.

Notification Time To Live

All Done! Click on Create Notification button and your notification is created.

What's next, personalized your web push content to increase your conversion.