Personalize Web Push Message

Most of the web push providers send simple notification messages to all their users. However, this is not the most effective all the time. Frontuser allows you to utilized Matrix object value inside notification message body & title as placeholders. They can be substituted with matrix object values for each user.

Why should you personalize web push?

To get the most out of Web Push Notifications, it needs to be relevant at a user level. A relevant message is one about the subject the user cares about. Your personalized web push messages increase CTR by 25% compare to your generic message.

Before You Start

Here're some things you need to know before personalized your content.

  • Get familiar with Matrix Object
  • To include matrix object in your content, type # in title or message box and system will show available variables in drop down list.
  • Matrix object won't work for notification image and redirection URL.

Personalization Examples


Let's say, you want to send a notification with username and a discount offer on current visit product page. Personalized message similar to below one:

Simple Personalization

Here, if user → name object is exists in matrix variable, then it will substitute username with its value otherwise replaced with "John" as default value. Same will be apply for product name as well.


Conditional personalization allows you to insert dynamic content into the message. When your notification send that uses conditional blocks, we'll substitute its content with the matrix object value who match the conditions. For e.g. you want to send notification below condition:

  1. If user is logged in then utilize username.
  2. Show product name, if category is apparels and having t-shirt as product sku.

For above schenario your content look like below one:

Conditional Title

Condition 1: If user is logged in, return username otherwise return static string "there"

Conditional Content

Condition 2: Return product name having "t-shirt" sku, when the page is category listing and category name is "apparels".


If category don't have "t-shirt" sku product, then it will return product name of first item.

You can create complex conditions as per your needed to retrieve your preferable matrix object value.

Advantages of personalizing web push:

  • Maximize conversion rate
  • Retain more users
  • Open rates for personalized message is 3x better than generic message.

Whatever content you create as push message, it needs to be engaging.

Here is some tips to improve your content strategy

  • Craft your message informative
  • Keep message short and relevant
  • Make your notification attention-getting