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Safari Website PushID & .p12 Certificate Guide

In OS X v10.9 and later, you can dispatch Safari Push Notifications from Frontuser directly to OS X users by using the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

If you don't create your own APNs certificate, you will still be able to use Frontuser. However, Frontuser will have to give you its own APNs certificate.

How to create an iOS APNS push certificate?

Generating a Certificate Request

  • Open Keychain Access application in your Mac OS system.

  • Navigate to "Keychain Access ➔ Certificate Assistant" from main menu of Keychain Access application and click on "Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority..." item.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • Fillup required information and press "Continue" button.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • Give a name to your certificate & make sure your file name must be suffix with ".certSigningRequest" extension. Choose save path and click on "Save" button.

    iOs Push Certificate

Registering a Website Push ID

  • Log into the Apple Developer Portal. Note that you need to be logged in as the account owner (or "Agent" in the Apple terminology) to be able to create certificates and configure Safari Push Notifications.

    iOs Push Certificate Once you logged in navigate to "Certificates, IDs & Profile" page.

  • On "Certificates, IDs & Profile" page click on "Website Push IDs" link and fill required information.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • On next screen confirm you entered details and click on "Register" button to register your website push id.

    iOs Push Certificate

    iOs Push Certificate

Creating a Certificate

  • Navigate back to the "Certificates" page in the Apple Developer Portal and click on "+" button which is locate at right side of grid.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • On next screen you will see the various types of certificates options available. Please choose "Website Push ID Certificate" and click on "Continue" button.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • On next step you need to choose Website Push ID which you created in "Registering a Website Push ID" section.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • Later on you will see brief guidance for generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) as we already cretated this certificate just go through and click on "Continue" button.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • On next step you need to upload your Certificate Request file which you saved during "Generating a Certificate Request" section and click on "Continue".

    iOs Push Certificate

  • On success you will see certificate Download button which allows you to download and install generated certificate into your Mac system.

    iOs Push Certificate

This is the SSL certificate that will be used by Frontuser so that it can contact the APNs to send push notifications.

Exporting certificate into .p12 file

  • After installed certificate into "Keychain Access" you need to export that certificate into ".p12" format. To do so launch "Keychain Access" and select the "My Certificates" category.

  • Right click on you Website Push ID which you previously installed and click on "Export" menu.

    iOs Push Certificate

  • In pop-up box select "Personal Information Exchange (.p12)" file format and click on "Save".

    iOs Push Certificate

  • Next keychain will prompt you for a password for p12 file. Ensure you note this password down as you will require it when submitting the p12 file on the Frontuser.

    iOs Push Certificate Note: this is optional step, you can skip it.

  • Lastly Keychain application will prompt you to authenticate you self. Enter your login password and click on "Allow" button to export you certificate.

    iOs Push Certificate Note: this step is depend upon your Mac system configuration.

That's all, you will able to use you own .p12 certificate.

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