GCM Configuration

What's a GCM key and why do I need one?

Chrome needs you to signup for a free GCM account in order to send push notifications. It is not a strict necessity that you have your own GCM account, but we recommend that you do.

If you don't create your own GCM key, you will still be able to use Frontuser. However, Frontuser will have to give you its own Google API key, and this is a dicey situation in terms of security. If you create your GCM key after collecting a few subscribers, then you can export only those subscribers that you collected with your own GCM keys.

Note: Having your own GCM key is strictly required for native implementation.

Steps to get your own sender ID:

  • Open your Google Developers Console. You will have to register for one if you don't have it already.

  • Then create new Project.

    GCM Key

  • Enter a project name and click on Create.

    GCM Key

  • To get you Project number, Click on the three vertical dots at top-right, just next to your account image and then Click on 'Project settings'.

    GCM Key Once you click on 'Project settings', a new page will open which will have your Project number. GCM Key

  • Then after enable Google Cloud Message API for your project. To enable this service go to "Library" and search for "GCM" in search box.

    GCM Key

  • Once you clicked on Google Cloud Messaging you will see details about this API. In the same screen that shown details about GCM, just click on "Enable" button.

    GCM Key After activating GCM service you will be landed on below screen where google shows you notice for to create API for this service GCM Key

  • Then after you need to create Server Key for GCM API. To do so navigate to Credentials tab and click on "Create credentials" button.

    GCM Key

  • Once you click on "Create credentials", a modal will pop open which prompt you for type of new key, you need to select "Server key" from the list.

    GCM Key

  • After selecting type of key you will landed on key generation page where you need to enter name of your API key.

    GCM Key

  • On successful submission you will see your API key in the next screen.

    GCM Key

That's all. You're now good to go.