Know More About Segmentation

Segmentation is a process of dividing your audience into uniform sub-groups based on some type of shared characteristics such as browsers, geolocation, language, etc.


(Credits: MarketCircle)

With the help of segmenatation you can tailor your notificatin and web popups that satisfy the targeted groups. Segmentation is widely accepted as a essentials strategy in marketing campaigns. It makes campaign efforts more effective when messages are tailored to the distinct sub-groups and more efficient when the target audience is selected.

In Frontuser, you can define segmentation criteria for Devices (desktop, tablet, and smart phones), Geography (region, country, and timezome), IP, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), Martix Object, Cookies, Referrals, etc.

Segmentation can help you to target the right users, decrease your opt-out rate significantly and re-engage your current user base with customized content.


  • Increase Profits: Taking the demographic and other behavioral insights gained from media research tools, the business can employ more efficient, effective strategies in the effort to grow the market.
  • Enhance Customer Reach: With the increased competitiveness and narrowed focus on a particular audience, the business can enhance audience experience of the brand. An audience addressed in a personal way is much more likely to be brand loyal.
  • More Effective Messaging: Tailored communication in a specific way that going to attract the customer of that segments.
  • Higher Rates of Conversion: By providing your customers with relevant information, you are much more likely to close.

What's next, create audience rule to optimize your campaigns by targeting the right users.