Magento Integration

In this document we are going to show you how to install web push notifications with our Magento plugin.

After installing this plugin your website will start asking your visitors for sending push notifications. As your subscribers list grows, you can have more audience and you can send updates regarding your website/product/service to your customers. It works even when your customers on not on your website.

Follow the steps below and you are ready to send notifications.

Installation Steps

Download or clone extensions from this link:

Copy app folder to your magento directory and merge data.

After copied all folders to your magento root directory Go ahead and jump into your Magento admin (usually this is

After you’ve logged in go to "System" >> "Configuration" and you will be able to see extension on left sidebar.

Click on "Frontuser Tags" on the side navigation. You should be prompted with a configuration page.

From this configuration you can enable/disable push notification of given Website Hash. You can get website hash by logged in to frontuser account and go in to Manage Websites and select website for which you need to get website hash.

That's it, you are done with integration. To verify it, open your website ex: