Know More About Matrix Object

What is Matrix?

According to TechTarget, a matrix is a set of numbers laid out in tabular form (in rows and columns). From this meaning, a less formal meaning is derived of a complex of lines intersecting at right angles.

Matrix Sample

A matrix on its own has no value - it's just a representation of data. As per these principle we derived concept of matrix object into Frontuser.

Frontuser Matrix Object

Matrix Object is a global JavaScript JSON object that contains all the dynamic variables on any given page. It is used to personalized message, build behavioural segementation rule, and to trigger web push and smart popup on behavioural rule matched. For example, to represents product detail page of ecommerce site, the matrix object is similar to below one:

window.fu_matrix = {
    // Other variables
    "product": {
        "id" : '123',
        "sku" : 'item123',
        "name" : 'Item Name',
        "description" : 'Item Description',
        "url" : '',
        "cat_id" : [1,2,3],
        "stock" : '100',
        "currency" : 'USD',
        "unit_price" : '10.00',
        "final_price" : '10.00',
        "attributes" : {
            "size" : ["S","M","L","XL"],
            "color" : ['Blue', 'Red', 'Green']
        "reviews" : [ 
            {"comment": "These are excellent trainers!", "rating": "5"},
            {"comment": "Pretty good", "rating": "4"} 
    // Other variables

Frontuser matrix object is designed flexible around all major businesses like e-commerce, travels, media, blogs, etc. all you needs to consider is only a valid JSON string. Head over to templates section for predefined matrix object templates



With the help of matrix oject values, you can craft your web push and smart popup content. When you place matrix object into web push or smart popup content, it will substitute with matrix object value while sending to user.


Using matrix object you can define some powerful targeting rule. For example, users who have > $100 in the cart, users who have visit and abandoned product page, and so on.


Matrix object allows trigger capabilities based upon specific actions as per the targeting rules. In Frontuser, targeting condition trying to match with matrix object value and send web push / smart popup on success matched.