Wordpress Installation

To install Frontuser SMART code on your Wordpress site, copy your website SMART code and follow below steps:

  1. Login into your Wordpress Admin site.

    Wordpress Admin Login
  2. Navigate to AppearanceEditor, Left navigation menu.

    Theme Editor
  3. Open Header (header.php) file from the right side bar.

    Wordpress Header File
  4. Add your SMART code above </head> tag, and save the changes.

    Frontuser SMART Code In Wordpress Header File
  5. Your SMART code is now installed.


Your wordpress website must be self-hosted rather than fee hosting on Wordpress.com or any other because on Wordpress.com it will block custom JavaScript from being embedded don't allow to edit the header.php file through the editor.

If your website uses any third party cache plugin, you need to clear your cache before ensuring Frontuser service.