Web Push SDK Setup(HTTP)

Ordinarily Google Chrome1 and Firefox2 web push require your website to use SSL certificate. It means your website has to be on HTTPS to receive web push notification. But if your website is not fully supported HTTPS, you can still send push notification to your visitors. Frontuser made it possible to send push notification to non-SSL websites through its secure sub-domain which will represent your site, and send push notification from subdomain.frontuser.com.

Sud-Domain Push Permission

To configure this option follow below steps:

  1. Configure Website Setting

    Navigate to PreferenceImplementation in your account dashboard. On Implementation page you will find multiple step wizard process, mention your subdomain to represent your site, and Frontuser will send push notifications through that subdomain. We recommend using the name of your site as your subdomian.

    Sub-Domain Push Permission
  2. Finish wizard process of Implementation

Done, you're all set with push notification setup for your non-SSL site.

  • Use only word in sub-domain, do not include domain name suffix i.e '.com', '.net', '.org', etc.
  • Frontuser restrict to use only alphabets, dashes and number in your custom sub-domain name