Verifying Installation

To verifying your Frontuser SMART code is installed properly is bit simple.

How to verify SMART code installation?

Within your account dashboard navigate to PreferenceImplementation. On wizard last step you will find "Verify Installation" section. Within that section click on "Verify Installation" button to verify your SMART code installation.

Verify Installation Step

If your SMART code is installed correctly you will able to see success message instead of "Waiting...".

How to confirm Frontuser is active on your site?

  1. Open your site in Google Chrome desktop browser.

  2. Click your options icon at the top right then hover 'More Tools' then select 'Developer Tools'.

  3. Select 'Network' tab

  4. Filter Frontuser request

    To shown Frontuser's request, type 'frontuser' in the 'Filter' field. In case you didn't find any request in 'Network' tab, try to refresh your page. Once the page is loaded you should see 'frontuser' request similar to below:
    Frontuser Requests

If you observed that these requests are not occur then might be your SMART code is not installed properly.