Is Frontuser affects my site performance?

Frontuser SDK script is like most other regular javascript. We follow all require steps in ensuring fast deliverability on your site as minor impact as possible. Here's how:

Load Asynchronously

This means that the Frontuser SDK does not prevent your website from loading its own assets.

Served via CDN

This means that SDK script is served from our global network so it loads faster for every visitor.

Use of browser cache

Caching offers significant overall speed ups on access even though we load it asynchronously. Thus we stored SDK file in visitor browser once they downloaded.

Frontuser SDKs will be loads in two parts, in initial file it contains the settings (web push & smart popup trigger behaviour, martrix object interpretation, etc.) of your site, and the second file containing core modules which is responsible for sending web push and web message according to settings.

Still we can't assure that your site will not be affected in any way whatsoever, the SDK script has been designed to have a little effect on your site performance.